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osteri-ya (osteˈria)

[osteˈria], plural osterie in Italy is a place serving wine and simple food, with emphasis on local specialities such as pasta and grilled meat or fish.

-ya や "ya" translated from Japanese to mean "store or shop" in English.

Chef Shoichi Ueda started his career in a hectic Italian restaurant in Akasaka, Tokyo - catering to crowds of hungry salarymen (and women) during the lunch rush hour. But he wanted to learn about where this food actually came from, so he travelled extensively throughout Italy, discovering that the true flavours of Italy are diverse, seasonal and regional - stretching from the seafood specials of the southern coast to the rib-sticking hearty stews of the mountainous north.

He is here in Australia to share all he has learnt, seen and studied. Simple Italian food with a Japanese flourish.

Welcome to Osteri-ya -- Italian by name, Japanese by birth.

Having spent time working in a number of industries over the last decade, Leigh has followed his passion into the world of great food, coffee and wine.

Early in 2017, Leigh and his wife Jodie took over ownership of Cornerstone & Co café ( ) in Hampton and have been embraced by the community. Learning very quickly that this industry is all about quality food and great people. An overseas honeymoon in 2015 through Tuscany and the south of Italy, cemented the Italian cuisine as Leigh and Jodie’s favourite.

Osteriya is Leigh’s second venture, this time partnering with the extensive culinary experience of Head Chef Shoichi Ueda.

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